Due Diligence is a specialised service we provide to mainly corporate clients prior to them entering in to substantial business transactions and binding contracts as well as ongoing commitments. Whether Mergers & acquisitions, equity investments or corporate finance, ongoing due diligence and stand alone packages can be designed to your specific needs. 

This specialized service has proven invaluable for corporate  and individual clients to evaluate the validity of a prospective partner`s background and current status prior to entering high risk commitments. 

We utilize our experience and skills in research, asset verification etc to establish a thorough evaluation of an individual`s or organisation`s bona fides and worth. We are particularly well placed to assist with mergers and acquisitions, background checks on managers and key personnel as well as the corporate entity or group. 

Investigative Due Diligence, Financial Investigations, Business Inteliigence, Corporate Profiling, Business Background Checks, Commercial Investigators, Corporate Background Investigations, Financial Due Diligence, Pre Aquisition Due Dilgence, Pre Transaction Assessments, Business Continuity. 

Hedge Fund and Manager Due Diligence and Background Check specialists based in London, UK, due diligence, hedge fund research, due diligence hedge funds, due diligence reporting. Specialist UK, USA, Hong Kong & China Due Diligence Investigation services.

Expertise in offshore entities (tax havens) with contacts worldwide.

Employee vetting and Personal Background Screening is an important tool for a prospective employer or investor, providing the client with the confidence of prior knowledge of a prospective candidate with intelligence established through Curriculum Vitae, Resume and background checks, personal and business backgrounds. An estimated 30% of applicants provide incomplete or erroneous information when applying for employment. We are able to methodically screen any information supplied to confirm it`s veracity and accuracy.

Our services include due diligence suited for  Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Appointments, Manager Appointments, Fund and Investment Managers, Employee Background Checks and Vetting. 

Forensic Accounting by qualified and experienced professionals can be provided as part of a quantitative due diligence proces

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The principal is a member of The Association of British Investigators