BUG SWEEPS - TSCM

Electronic counter surveillance measures undertaken by professionals utilising the latest technology. The types of monitoring devices we are able to search and neutralise are vehicle trackers, TX, Infinity telephone and room bugs, UHF & VHF transmitters, Covert cameras, GSM, 2G, 3G & 4G systems, wireless & hard wired. Spy Software such as mobile phone, key loggers, malicious viruses and Trojan programmes can also be targeted by specialist personnel. This service complements our Computer Forensics operations and spyware search facility and is an invaluable tool to assist clients at threat from adverse monitoring, surveillance and sabotage.  Tracker systems can be identified and the threat neutralized.

Specific services before important meetings, seminars, ongoing monitoring and counter surveillance equipment can be provided when needed. 

Bug Sweeps, Bug Sweeping, Covert Cameras, Trackers and Surveillance systems. 

We can carry out a full electronic sweep for corporate and private clients. Prices vary according to the dimensions and size of each premises, telephone and alarm systems and other electronic equipment on site.

Many of our TSCM sweeps are carried out of business hours so as not to disrupt our corporate clients` ongoing operations.

We are constantly investing in new technology in order to remain effective and we can provide a a service that is able to search for all established and new eavesdropping hardware and software technology. 

Bug Sweep Detection , Bug Detection, Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures, Debugging.

Our experienced personnel in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) are available to answer any questions regarding our service.

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The Principal is a member of The Association of British Investigators